Best Western Web Map

Washington Hometown has created a web map for Best Western Hotels. This map has the location of all of the hotels plus three layers that you can select: summer recreation, winter recreation, and culture and history. Hotels can link to the map or share a link, and those links can be customized to show just the area and layers that you want.

When you click on a hotel, you will see a pop-up with information about that hotel. In addition to basics like address, phone, link to a reservations page and website, it can include amenities, features, photo and a short description (255 characters). Use the forms below to add information about your property, or about a place you would like added to the maps.

 Add information about a Best Western Property to the database and webmaps

Click on your hotel to see what is currently in the database. Use the form on the right to add information about the hotel. Make sure to include your cont act email address in case we have any questions.

List any amenities and facilities that you would like included in the business record.,
Short description (no more than 255 characters)
If you have a photo on your web site, you can send a link and we can embed it in the pop-up. You can also email a photo to
Web link or phone number for reservations
Use this field for anything else we need to know. For example, if the location is not quite correct, or if you want me to change something in the existing description.

Add a business or culture/recreation facility to the Best Western Map or provide information about an existing record

You can make the Best Western web map even more useful for your guests by adding businesses that they frequent, adding recreation and culture resources that we are missing, or giving us more information about a place already in our data set. There is no charge to add a business from our dataset to the Best Western web map; to add public recreation resources (managed by a public/non-profit organization or free to the public) or cultural resource (museums, zoos, performance spaces, etc) to our dataset and the web map; or to give us additional information about a place already in our dataset. There is a $10/business fee to add a business to the data set.

Use the map below to see what we have and the form to tell us what you would like us to add. If it is a business, we will send you an invoice for the cost.

Name and contact information for the person who is requesting that this business be added to the map.
Enter the business name and the ID# (for businesses already on the map)
If the business is not in the database, you must provide address and web site so we can make sure we are adding the correct business
There is a $10 charge if the business is not already in the dataset. There is no charge to add recreation or places already in the database.