Mom Review: Kids Can Take To The Sky at Get Air Trampoline Park in Yakima


My kids love to jump...jump off of something, onto something, just hop around the house...just jump! I get so tired of telling my two year old son to stop jumping and taking my 11 month old daughter off things that she thinks she’s going to jump off of! So one of our favorite places to go is in Yakima at the Get Air trampoline park. If there was ever a place that was made for parents to relax a bit while their kids get to do something that they don’t usually get to do this is the place. We love going here and have so much fun! Also it’s a great work out for this mom between jumping with the kids and running after the one who ran off.


There is so much to do, and we easily spend a couple of hours there. Not only are there the trampolines but also foam pits, a dodgeball area, a kiddie court for those little ones under 46 inches, a slackline, swing into a foam pit and basketball hoops. So there is plenty to do and keep your kiddos going for a long while. Looking for a place to have a birthday party... this is your place. There are multiple areas for you to host a party, and the bonus is that after eating all the cake all the kids can go jump to burn all that sugar energy!


If you are planning on going be sure to check your times because they do have special times set aside for different age groups. We like going on either Tuesday or Thursday because those two days in the morning is toddlers jump. Which anyone under 46 inches can jump as well as parents. This is a perfect time for us and as a mom of a toddler and a baby I don’t have to worry about the bigger kids accidentally running into them. They also have a special time set aside on Sundays for special needs kids to jump. This is a really great thing, they lower the music so it’s not so loud and the whole atmosphere is a bit calmer. There are a couple of other times set aside for older kids and for families, so it’s always best to double check when you want to go. This isn’t just a place in Yakima either. There are actually two more in the state of Washington and multiple others scattered throughout the US. So no matter where are check to see where the locations are to go have a great time! This is a great place for everyone to go and have fun. Every time we have gone it’s just been the kids and I and we always walk away having had so much fun and talking about how we want to bring Dad along with us next time. Next time you are tired of being a referee of jumping at home look to going to Get Air and let them jump without any worry. Happy jumping!

Ian Floyd