Camping WA

Camping Web map and App

Washington Hometown is currently working on our next generation of apps and web maps. Each set will be tailored to a specific activity and will have all the information you need to know. We will be launching selected apps through campaigns in late Summer 2019. We will pick our first apps based on the level of interest from users, community groups and businesses.

One of the sets we are planning to release is for all types of campers. It will have information about campgrounds, and things to do nea by. We are looking for feedback to see how much interest there is in the app and what users would want the app to show - both information about campgrounds and surrounding recreation.

We will be adding user input to our interactive maps as we prepare to launch the apps. Each app will go into production as soon as we have 1000 people on the mailing list and 100 businesses interested in being on the app or sponsoring it.

Camping WA suggestions and mailing list

Help us understand what you want in a Camping map/app. Some of the questions that will help us make this a better app:

  • What information do you need to find a campground:

    • Different types of camping: is Tent, RV, and Camping Cabin good enough, or do you want to be able to select RV campgrounds that can accommodate different sizes and what should those categories be?

    • Different types of camping experiences: Is it enough to classify camping as primitive, basic, standard, resort campground, group campground and camping cabin, or would different options make more sense?

    • What amenities and facilities do you need to be able to filter by (others will appear in the pop-up). Some possibilities are horse facilities, playground, pool, RV hook up (do you need to know more than just a general category), RV dump, showers, flush toilet, boat launch, water access, swimming beach. We want to include the key items as filters, without making the filter screen to crowded.

  • What other types of recreation resources would you like to have on the map?

  • Would you like to see points of interest or viewpoints on the maps?

  • What kinds of businesses (or specific businesses) would you like to see on the app?