Washington Hometown can provide data, mapping services, and interactive maps to help consultants working on tourism studies or promotion.


We can provide you a set of data on recreation in any community that you can use as the basis of your study. The data is available in a spatial or spreadsheet format. If, during the course of the study, you identify recreation resources that are missing from our data set, we will integrate them at no cost and provide you with an updated output.

Print Maps

We can create custom print maps to elicit community input or illustrate your final report. These maps are part of a set that was created for an award-winning study of tourism in Kittitas County. The set included over 20 maps illustrating different recreational and cultural opportunities in the state.

Web maps

We can create web maps that help with collaboration. The maps show everything that is being considered, both existing resources and proposed changes. Using a web map, members of the study group and community members can toggle layers on and off and zoom in and out to get a better sense of the project than they could from a fixed print map. For the Yakima River Access Study, we paired a set of print maps with a web map that had one layer for each map topic.