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Custom Maps

Washington Hometown can use our data set to create custom print, GeoPDF and interactive maps that can serve many different needs from tourism to grant applications, newspaper stories and real estate listings. Each map is custom crafted to tell your story.


Media Maps


Need a map to include in a newspaper or book? We can create printable maps that illustrate the story. We also offer interactive maps that can serve as an index to travel articles. You can purchase individual maps or subscribe to monthly maps for a discount rate.


Real Estate Maps

The saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" has never been more true than in real estate. We can create a map that helps show why a recreation property is special. It is one thing to say that a house is close to public lands and miles of trails, but more effective to show it.

Our maps can be designed for use in an MLS (no copyright concerns, as you will have full rights to the map). We can also create one map or a set for a brochure or advertisement. Each map is custom designed to highlight nearby recreation.

Grant Maps

Washington Hometown can draw on our extensive data set to create maps for grants and reports. Whether you are writing a grant proposal for a tourism project or need to show recreation resources in relation to a proposed project, we can help you illustrate your point.

Maps for Analysis

Are you working on a study related to tourism, recreation, or public lands? We can create maps that help you understand or explain the issues.  Our work has included over 20 maps for the 2015  Kittitas County Tourism Infrastructure Plan that won a National Award of Excellence from the American Planning Association, County Planning Division and National Association of County Planners as well as the Washington Governor's Smart Communities Award for Implementation of a Comprehensive Plan.

Interactive Maps


Want an interactive map that highlights what makes your community special? We can create one map for your community or a set of maps, each highlighting a different activity. You pick what information will be on the map, either by category or by selecting specific places. We can customize the colors and links so it is an integrated part of your marketing effort.

Custom maps can focus on a single activity, all activities in a region, or they can act as an index, providing links to areas covered in newspaper or magazine stories.

We have developed a set of 10 maps for Kittitas County. Each map focuses on a specific activity but also includes lodging, as the maps are funded through the lodging tax.