With Washington Hometown, it is easier than ever to acquire quality recreation data at an affordable price for your maps, apps, and analysis. We offer a rich set of data that includes detailed information for each record. We are constantly improving our data by updating records and adding new places. If you see things that are missing or need to be changed, let us know and we will get the updates posted within a week. There is no need to edit the data yourself.

Data can be provided in any standard spatial data format including shapefile, GeoJSON, KML, GPX, GeoRSS, CSV and PDF or as a spreadsheet that includes memo fields that are too long to be on the spatial layers.

Washington Hometown data is available by subscription and is updated at least twice a month. It is posted to both Amazon Web Services and Dropbox. A subscription entitles you to use the data for maps, apps and analysis for one organization. If you are a contractor doing work for multiple organizations, you must purchase a subscription for each group—but, if you subscribe to data for more than one client, you are entitled to a commission on all data sets. You cannot share the raw data or post the data in a format where it can be downloaded. 

When purchasing a data subscription, you can select the following:

  • Geographic extent:

    • Data is priced by the area. Data can be selected by boundaries (county, watershed, congressional district, etc.), or it can be clipped to a custom boundary.

  • Attribute Format:

    • Web-optimized format has fields combined for easier presentation in the pop-up box on a web map. For example, all of the elements of the address are combined into a single field with named area, city or county for places that do not have an address, and hyperlink wrappers are added around fields such as name, photo and article.

    • Raw format has the data as it appears in the database.

  • Specific fields:

    • You can have all of the fields in the web or raw table or select the specific fields you want included in your output.

  • Spatial data format:

    • We currently provide outputs in shapefile, CSV, GeoJSON, GeoRSS, GPX, KML and PDF formats. You can also subscribe to an output from the database in XLSX format that includes memo fields that cannot be passed through the spatial formats.

  • Filters:

    • You select what data you want to see. Data can be filtered by the type of place or by any information about the place. For example, you could filter for trail access, places managed by the National Park Service, or places with horse facilities. The filters can be complex—selecting records that meet multiple criteria.

Additional data outputs are available at a reduced cost.

Minimum period for a data subscription is one year, although the subscription can be billed quarterly or monthly. After the first year, subscription can be continued on a quarterly or monthly basis.

To request a data quote, please fill out the following:

Name *
Request for data quote.
Describe the area for which you want data.
Provide a brief description of what you are looking for. We will work with you to do identify the best filters and settings to meet your needs.
Data Format
Select the formats you want.
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