Washington Hometown works with many groups. The following organizations use our maps or data.


Central washington color and the kittitas county chamber of commerce

The Kittitas County Chamber of Commerce was the original client for Washington Hometown. We work with them to create a set of interactive maps on the Central Washington Color website and the map portion of print maps including a bike map and winter recreation map of the county.

Mountains to Sound greenway

The Mountains to Sound Greenway is one of our most active partners. Not only do they subscribe to two sets of Washington Hometown data (one for their interactive web map and one for their GIS mapping department), but they also regularly send us updates and information about new places that have just opened in the Greenway.

Recreation and conservation office

One of our newest clients, the Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office uses our data for the State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP) project.

Beckwith Consulting Group

Washington Hometown provided the data and mapping for the Beckwith Consulting Group 2015 tourism infrastructure plan that won a national Award of Excellence from the American Planning Association County Planning Division and National Association of County Planners as well as the Washington Governor’s Smart Communities Smart Choices Award for Implementation of a Comprehensive Plan. We also partnered with them for a 2018 study to improve Yakima River Access.

J.A. Brennan Associates

Washington Hometown has provided data and mapping assistance for the Towns to Teanaway project that is being led by J.A. Brennan Associates.

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