Tourism Maps

These tourist maps were integrated into larger map documents or fliers. They were designed in collaboration with the organization's graphic designers. In many cases, the map elements such as scale, legend and even labels were set to the side or provided on an overlay file to provide the customer more control over the final product. Clients include the Kittitas County Chamber of Commerce and the Yakima Visitor and Convention Bureau.

Study Maps

We can create maps and provide data to help in studies of tourism or any other application where an understanding of public lands and public recreation is necessary to understand an issue. Clients include Beckwith Consulting, J.A. Brennan Landscape Architects and the Yakima Fish and Recovery Board. We can produce both printable and interactive maps for a study: the print map can be included in reports, marked up in public sessions, or emailed while the interactive map allows a user to dig deeper into the information that is being presented.

Web Maps

Our web maps can be crafted for a single area, sport or activity. We offer advertising supported community maps that you can use on your site, or we can create custom maps for your community, activity or interest. We currently manage web maps for Central Washington Color, the Kittitas County Tourism site.

Media Maps

Washington Hometown's maps can illustrate stories about tourism, public lands and other topics relevant to the community. The Ellensburg Daily record is a client.


Organizations can subscribe to Washington Hometown's data and use it for analysis, with their mapping software, or to create custom web maps. Data customers include the Recreation and Conservation office, which uses the data in  State Comprehensive Recreation Plan, and Mountains to Sound Greenway, which uses one data output for an interactive map and another for its mapping efforts.