Custom Print or GeoPDF Maps

You can purchase custom print maps at a set pricebased on using a template with no more than 30 minutes of customization for a 5" x 5" map, 90 minutes for a letter or tabloid map, or two hours for a large format map. Or, you can select a la carte pricing to pay a data fee and fixed hourly rate. This option is better for projects requiring multiple maps or for purchasing multiple products (print and interactive or data).

Print Maps Prices

Fixed Price Maps


Letter Legal


Large Format

First Map *





2+ Maps





Updates: First





Updates: 2+





A La Carte Maps


Data Fee

Hourly Rate

City or Part of a County







Full State


Just Recreation Areas



The data fee covers all services for a client for a  year including updates. If you have paid the data fee for other services such as a data subscription or interactive map, there is no additional fee for print maps.

To request a quote for Print or GeoPDF Maps please fill out the following

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Describe what you are looking for in a map
Give the size of the final map or maps.