Custom Print or GeoPDF Maps

Washington Hometown's print maps start from templates that contain the basic colors, fonts and symbol style. You select the template, the information you want included (e.g. campgrounds, trail heads, trails, public lands), the geographic area, map size, and whether you want the labels placed by default or as a separate layer that you can edit. We produce a draft map—which can be modified to meet your needs. Changes to the layout (where things are placed on the map), area (center and scale), and what information is shown (adding or removing information) are part of the package price. If you want additional customization (different colors, fonts, icons or information not part of our data set) those changes can be made at our hourly rate.

In addition to our flat rate prices, we also offer a fully customized rate where you pay for the actual time to create your map.

Our basic map price includes a fee to cover the cost of creating and maintaining the recreation data. If you pay a data subscription fee, then you can get all products at a reduced rate.


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