Washington Hometown offers many ways to share what makes our state special through data subscriptions, custom print and interactive maps, and placement on our free interactive community maps. Whether you are looking for data to support a tourism app, need a custom print map for a brochure, or want to connect with customers interested in a specific activity, we are there to help you.



Washington Hometown's data can be used to support many different types of clients.


Help visitors explore your region. We can help you share what makes your community special through custom web maps, apps, and print maps.


The saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" has never been more true than in real estate. Show why your property is special.


Help people understand the story through printable maps that can be used in publications or interactive maps that can serve as an index to your stories.


We can provide the information you need for your study and can create maps looking at different aspects of a problem, allowing you to focus on the analysis rather than the data acquisition.

We can support all levels of government - small towns to federal agencies. We can help whether you need to understand recreation resources across agency lines, or just want recreation data for your community that is accurate and maintained.

We can provide data to support your web map, app, or for use by your mapping team.


With Washington Hometown, it is easier than ever to acquire quality recreation data at an affordable price for your maps, apps, and analysis. We offer a rich set of data that includes detailed information for each record.  We are constantly improving our data by updating records and adding new places. If you see things that are missing or need to be changed, let us know and we will get the updates posted within a week. There is no need to edit the data yourself.

Data customers select the information they want to map (area, type, activities, etc.), the attribute format (web optimized or raw), the attribute fields, and the spatial data format. Each data set includes point, line and polygon layers. Additional setswith different filters, attribute formats and fields, or data formatsare available for a small fee. Data can be selected based on more than 200 attribute fields and clipped to a boundary.

Data can be provided in any standard spatial data format including shapefile, GeoJSON, KML, GPX, GeoRSS, CSV and PDF or as a spreadsheet that includes memo fields that are too long to be on the spatial layers.

Custom Maps

Don't have your own in-house mapping? We can create custom maps and apps for you. Print maps can be output in any standard format, including GeoPDFs; custom interactive maps can be designed to your specifications; interactive maps use the Mango Map interface so you don't need a map server; and, coming in 2018, we will be offering a custom app. Whether you are a tourism office, a business that wants to produce a map to sell, a media organization needing a map for a book or newspaper, or a user group wanting to promote your activity, we can create something for you.

Print maps

Washington Hometown can create custom print maps in any size. We can start from one of our map templates, making any changes you require; or we can work with your graphic design team to create a fully customized map. You have control over all design elements, from fonts and colors to what information to include and the output format. Updates are quick, easy, and draw on the latest information.

Interactive maps

Our custom interactive maps can be tailored to a specific geographic area, activity or interest, and can include whatever information you want to share. You can add custom data to the pop-ups and classifications, select which types of activities or even specific places are included, and customize the map design. The maps are updated on a regular basis to include the best data.

Community Maps

Washington Hometown has created a set of interactive maps tailored to a variety of interests that we call our Community Maps. The maps draw on our full data set of public recreation facilities, trails, areas, attractions and points of interest. Each map offers a one-stop shop for its given activity. There is never a charge to use the maps, share them, link to them or embed them on your website. Businesses that offer complementary services can pay a small fee to be placed on the maps, helping support this project while reaching out to potential customers.