The Washington Hometown project is collaborative

We want to help you tell your story about your community. Do you have a photo, a description, or information about a place on our maps? Are we missing something? Do you see something that isn't quite right? Do you have data we could add?

This collaboration is a two-way street. In addition to gathering information from the community, we also make our data available for a modest fee to anyone who wants to use it. Build your project on the foundation of our rich data set.




Help make Washington Hometown better. Would you like to add something to our database? Do you see a mistake that should be corrected? Do you have a data set that we could integrate? Let us know and we will credit your group for any places that we add. Our data is richer because of the input we receive from groups who want to share what makes their community special.

Use the links below to contribute a place, point of interest, or a full spatial data set (such as a KML or shapefile).