Print maps, web maps, and data to support your apps. Help people find what makes your community special.


Print Maps for Tourism

We work with you to create printable maps that can help promote your business or community. Our maps can be used in brochures, map sets or as stand-alone maps. Whether you want a map that you can hand out to visitors or one that you can sell, we can make something that will meet your needs. The maps can be created in collaboration with your design team or we can do the work for you. You select what you want to show and how you want it to look.

Custom Interactive Maps

Want an interactive map that highlights what makes your community special? We can create one map for your community or a set of maps, each highlighting a different activity. You pick what information will be on the map, either by category or by selecting specific places. We can customize the colors and links so it is an integrated part of your marketing effort.

Custom maps can focus on a single activity, all activities in a region or they can act as an index, providing links to areas covered in newspaper or magazine stories. They can also include select businesses—such as hotels or member organizations.

We have developed a set of ten maps for Kittitas County. Each map focuses on a specific activity. As you zoom in you see hotels, as well as other resources related to that activity, because the maps are funded through the lodging tax.

Information is constantly being updated—we regularly verify information about places and add new places, and any changes you identify will be posted within 72 hours.

Discover WA Maps for Tourism

If you want a low-cost option to promote your community, you can link to or embed any of our advertiser-supported community maps at no cost. You can use the full state map—or have the map load centered on your area.

If we are missing any information about public recreation in your community, you can add it for now cost. It will become part of these maps and be available for all uses.

Data for Tourism

If you want to control the mapping or apps yourself, we can provide the data that will allow you to create better maps and apps.  We offer a rich set of data that includes detailed information for each record.  We are constantly improving our data by updating records and adding new places. If you see things that are missing or need to be changed, let us know and we will get the updates posted within a week. There is no need to edit the data yourself. You can even link custom content to our data—allowing you to symbolize or have pop-ups with your own information.

Data customers select the information they want to map (area, type, activities, etc.), the attribute format (web optimized or raw), the attribute fields, and the spatial data format. Each data set includes point, line and polygon layers. Additional setswith different filters, attribute formats and fields, or data formatsare available for a small fee. Data can be selected based on more than 200 attribute fields and clipped to a boundary.

Data can be provided in any standard spatial data format including shapefile, GeoJSON, KML, GPX, GeoRSS, CSV and PDF or as a spreadsheet that includes memo fields that are too long to be on the spatial layers.

With a data subscription, you can focus your efforts on creating the look and selecting the places. No more maps that are missing recreation resources or showing places that are long closed.