Water WA

Web maps and upcoming apps for Water sports

Discover WA has places throughout the state where can you can get wet. We offer three views, one focused on kayak and dive sites including water trails, one for Marine Boaters, and a general map with all of the boating and water access sites in the state.

Discover WA maps and apps

You can help us make these maps better. Tell us what you want to see and what we are missing.

For the boating maps we are looking for help on:

  • What information you want to see?

    • If you are cruising on the Puget Sound, what do you need to know to pick a place to stop?

    • If you going boating and fishing, what do you need to know to find the perfect spot?

    • How should we classify launches so you can find ones that are suitable for your boat?

  • What are we missing?

    • This map includes every place we have been able to find that the public can access the water, even private marinas and campgrounds that have a fee. If we are missing any boat access, kayak spots, or water trails, let us know so we can add them.

    • What are your favorite business to stop at after a day on the water?

  • What should we highlight and what should we add about places?

    • For the marine boating map, we are highlighting places that can accommodate boats that you would use for overnight trips, rather than those that are only suitable for small boats or hand launch craft. We need help identifying the specific launches that are suitable (and those that we are highlighting that are not usable.)

    • For the kayak map, we are showing places that have been identified as kayak access, but need help identifying other water access points that are used by kayakers.

Mobile app

We will be redesigning our web maps and launching apps for Apple and Android that allow you to filter the information and use the apps off line. Sign up for our mailing list if you are interested. Apps will be released as soon as we get 1,000 people on the mailing list and 100 businesses signed up to be on the maps.

Sign up for our mailing list if you want to get hints on places to explore, get the latest news on the project, or have something you would like to see on our maps.